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Thoughts of Healing
Latest episode: audio archive

Click on the titles below to listen. Click on "transcript" for full text of each episode:
Episode 41: Substance and Reality | Transcript
Episode 40: Power and Meaning of "Light" in Christian Science | Transcript
Episode 39: Speaking in Scientific Metaphysics | Transcript
Episode 38: Let's Make Sin-Belief Unreal | Transcript
Episode 37: Mental Health | Transcript
Episode 36: A rule for everyone | Transcript
Episode 35: Removing Mental Malpractice | Transcript
Episode 34: Divine Science in the Age of Technology | Transcript
Episode 33: Why did Jesus say that he had to go away? | Transcript
Episode 32: A Discusson on DNA | Transcript
Episode 31: Space for repentance | Transcript
Episode 30: Spiritual Healing, a self-evident process | Transcript
Episode 29: The Illusion of Moses | Transcript
Episode 28: Understanding is Emmanuel | Transcript
Episode 27: Informative Healing | Transcript
Episode 26: Instant Beauty | Transcript
Episode 25: Chemicalization Understood | Transcript
Episode 24: Career Planning | Transcript
Episode 23: The Gnat and the Camel | Transcript
Episode 22: Think Highest | Transcript
Episode 21: The Metaphysics of Weather | Transcript
Episode 20: Connecting the Cross and Crown | Transcript
Episode 19: Instant Thought | Transcript
Episode 18: True Self-Hood | Transcript
Episode 17: The Divine Argument | Transcript
Episode 16: Body | Transcripts
Episode 15: The Physical (Pt.2) | Transcript
Episode 14: The Physical (Pt.1) | TranscriptLISTEN
Episode 13: Being |
Episode 12: Healing Exchange | Transcript
Episode 11: Take the Measure of Evil and Destroy it | Transcript
Episode 10: Having and Have Not | Transcript
Episode 9: Rule of Sudden Dismissal and Sudden Replacement | Transcript
Episode 8: The Beatitudes | Transcript
Episode 7: Every Day | Transcript
Episode 6: No Fear Proccess in You | Transcript
Episode 5: No Delayed Healing | Transcript
Episode 4: God's Creatures | Trascript
Episode 3: Spiritual Agreement | Transcript
Episode 2: Turning to His Attributes | Transcript
Episode 1: The Mountain | Transcript

Healing Through Prayer
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Episode 8: How does prayer heal the body?
Episode 7: Atonement or At-One-Ment with God
Episode 6: No Sympathy With Error
Episode 5: Separating the Tares and Wheat of our Thinking
Episode 4: Healing the Body
Episode 3: No False Believers
Episode 2: Live and Walk by Faith
Episode 1: Freedom from the past
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Prayerful YoU
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Our new program is coming!
LISTEN Latest episode» audio archive
Episode 1: "QUEENS and KINGS"
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60 Second Psalms
LISTEN Latest episode: audio archive
Episode 1: a compilation for verses from the Psalms paraphrasing the Lord's Prayer.
Episodes archive to come.

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