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John Jones music:      

Sunday Solos is a new musical project by John Jones. John has composed and performed new solos especially for Christian Science services without live soloists. Click here to listen, enjoy, and download for your church services»

  • 2015.01.25 TRUTH "All Manner Of Sickness and Disease"
  • 2015.01.18 LIFE "Only All"
  • 2015.01.11 SACRAMENT "Come And Dine"
  • 2014.08.03 LOVE "Love Is With Me"
  • 2014.08.31 CHRIST JESUS "The Resurrection And The Life"

Prayerful Living suggests:
If you download any of these solos
would you please click on the "donate" button to support John Jones' music.

John Jones is a Class-taught Christian Scientist, member of First Church, Nashville, TN, currently living in Munich, Germany. He composes and performs a regular musical contribution on Prayerful Living called Morning Prayer Improv which is available to our VIP PASS members.

Anthony Whitehouse CS talk:      

"What Is It That We Are Nursing?" An address to the Charton Manor Association (UK) 2014 by Anthony Whitehouse CS. He has given us permission to post his talk here. Click here to download the transcript of this talk»

Click here to listen to the audio presentation of "What Is It That We Are Nursing?"» (49 min)

Anthony Whitehouse CS is a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner from Coppet, Switzerland. His practice is also listed on PrayerfulHelp.com

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CBS News special includes segment on Christian Science. Aired Sunday, October 13, 2013, if you missed the broadcast or if it was not broadcast in your area, watch here. NOTE: the Christian Science portion begins at 9 min. 15 sec. into the program. (You can advance the program to this point after the initial advertisement if you wish.)

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