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Books and Collectibles
Digital Library Links to Bibles, Bible Reference Books and Christian Science related books available to read online Access here»
Locate Links to locate in-print and out-of-print books and Christian Science collectibles to purchase Access here»
Church Reader Resources
VIP PASS resource
Benediction Library for church services [submit your favorites too!] Now with parallel verses from 23 different translations and paraphrases!
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Church Announcement Ideas
VIP PASS resource
First Readers have shared creative, inspired and updated "desk" announcements here as a spring board for others. Share yours too.
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Topical ideas for Church Readers
VIP PASS resource
This resource is a collection of citations and / or full text of Wednesday meeting readings arranged by topic - to be used for your own inspiration and/or study. It is not intended that these readings be re-read at a church service verbatim.
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Site sponsored in part by:
Analytical Reading
SCS Insurance
Mankowski Homes
Chestnut Hill Benevolence Association
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association
Reading Coaches
for Church Readers and others wishing to read aloud
The Institute for Analytical Reading teaches the art and science of reading aloud. Teaching is done in classes or individually, in person or by telephone [click here for details]
Vocabulary (A cummulative vocabulary of the Bible and Science and Health)
VIP PASS resource
Each week, Mark and Marilyn Mohlenbrock prepare the Selected Vocabulary from the Weekly Bible Lesson. This Vocabulary list is the accumulation of that research. As additional words appear in the Weekly Bible Lesson, they will be added to this accumulative resource.
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Word Pronunciation (Biblical) Biblical Words Pronunciation Guide from NetMinistries. This is a handy website which provides phonetic spelling and audio samples of hundreds of places, people, etc. found in the Bible.
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Lecture Links
Lecture Texts online
Online texts of over 800 lectures on Christian Science which were given to public audiences and printed either in The Christian Science Monitor or in local newspapers. [NOTE: this link does not work with all browsers.] Access here»
Music/Solos for Church Services
ChurchSolos.com Everything for the Christian Science church soloist. A must for any music committee or soloist. Sheet music, downloads, music CDs, songbooks and more. Search the "Solo-Finder" search tool to find that perfect solo for your church service.
(Formerly called Solo-finder.com and now owned and operated by PrayerfulLiving.com)
Hymnal Notes for the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement
VIP PASS resource
Compiled by PrayerfulLiving.com contributor John Woodsworth. This document provides loads of information on the hymns found in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement Access here»

A Resource of Over 2300 Inspirational Poems. The poems, in the public domain, were for the most part published originally in The Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal. Each poem can be sung to music found in the Christian Science Hymnal, and most of the poems can be sung to more than one tune. Possible tunes are listed before the text of each poem; the hymnal can be referenced for the music.
Site currently offline. www.CSHymns.com

The founder and developer of the cshymns.com website is looking for accomplished musical artists who would like to help sing some of the 2000+ poems that have been adapted from the early CS periodicals in the public domain to standard or original hymn tunes. If you are interested in being involved in this volunteer project, please email cshymns@gmail.com Putting the poems to music will enable the site to come back online.
Reading Room Resources
Free Poster Art for Reading Rooms Christian Scientist, photographer and career ad man, David G. Foote has independently produced beautiful poster art files suitable for Christian Science Reading Room windows. Marrying his photographic images with inspiring text, these posters are designed to attract the attention of those passing your Reading Room windows. Access here»
Research by C. Norman Wood
Beatitudes, The
Bible Characters
Access here» VIP PASS resource
Origniated by C. Norman Wood and now continued by Marilyn and Mark Mohlenbrock

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Four Rivers of Eden Access here» VIP PASS resource
Love and Relationships
Ten Commandments
Violence Access here» VIP PASS resource
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