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Application for membership / subscription assistance for international students of Christian Science

If you are an international student of Christian Science who would like to subscribe to the Weekly Bible Notes and/or have a CSDirectory VIP PASS: BASIC membership and you need assistance...

Please complete the form below and receive a one year subscription to the Weekly Bible Notes online subscription and/or a one year VIP PASS: BASIC membership access to all CSDirectory site resources.
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We will find an individual to sponsor your membership / subscription for a year.

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Weekly Bible Notes online subscription and CSDirectory VIP PASS: BASIC membership - one year

Weekly Bible Notes online subscription (only) - one year

  • Includes Regular Edition (sample); Large Print Edition (sample); Daily Edition (sample); and Digest Edition (sample)
  • Free weekly supplement: Selected Correlative Article References from the Christian Science Periodicals (sample)
  • Free weekly supplement: Composite Translations Document (sample)

CSDirectory VIP PASS: BASIC membership (only) - one year

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