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Los Angeles

John Q. Public, CS | [JL-FT]
Practice also listed in the Christian Science Journal
cell phone: 949-555-1212
PO Box 12345, Los Angeles CA 92901
text messaging: 949-555-1212
Web site: www.johnqpubliccs.com
Blog site: www.mycsblog.com
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"I will ... open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing," Malachi 3:10
TMC Member | HS/College Ready | LGBT friendly

Read my article from the Christian Science periodicals:
"Title of my article here" - Christian Science Journal, October, 2014



  • we accept Christian Science Practitioner listings for both PART TIME and FULL TIME practitioners who may or may not be Journal-listed [Primary Class instruction in Christian Science is required].
  • $69/year or $6/month on automatic payment plan. Contact us to set up a monthly payment plan.
  • Geographical cross-references $25 each per year
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Annual fee: $69 for main listing
(additional geographical cross reference listings $25/each/year)
(additional cross reference for high school and college-aged Christian Scientists $25/year)

No charge for changes to listing during the year.

eMail us or call 602-635-1987

Use this online form to place your listing as a full time or part time Christian Science Practitioner. We welcome Practitioners listed in the Christian Science Journal as well as those who are not. Your listing will appear on PrayerfulHelp.com. Once you have completed the form, you will be taken to a page where you may pay the listing fee online by credit card or you will be given the mailing address to pay by check or pay by telephone 602-635-1987.

All listings must be prepaid before they will be set up and activated. [You will be taken to a payment page once this form is completed. Payment may be made by check or you may make a credit card payment thru our secure online PAYPAL processing link.]

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PrayerfulHelp.com is an independent web site. We accept listings of Christian Science Practitioners who are full time Journal-listed as well as non-Journal-listed full and part time Practitioners. People working toward their Journal-listing may also wish to use this advertising opportunity to help them in establishing their practice. Please chose your classification below. They will appear in your practitioner listing**
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Introductory message (optional - no extra charge) - You are allowed a 150 character (letters and spaces) introduction printed with your listing. Use this to list your office hours, a statement of hope and healing, a quotation, etc.

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I have had article(s) published in the Christian Science Journal and/or Sentinel and I would like to include a link to them in my practitioner listing on PrayerfulHelp.com. By me ticking this box and including the article(s) Title and reference information I (as author) am giving Prayerful Living to include a shared link from JSH-Online to my article(s).

Journal/Sentinel article(s) reference (optional - no extra charge) - Please list all of your articles that you would like us to include a link to.
ex: "God is Love" Journal, January 2013
ex: "Feed My Sheep" Sentinel, April 4, 2001

Lynn Jackson CSBPhoto (optional - no extra charge)
(expample on right) you may eMail us a photo (after you have completed this form) for your listing. The photo will be displayed at 80 x 120 pixels. We can size it for you here. If you need to mail us a photo, send it to Prayerful Living Publishing, PO Box 74248, Phoenix, AZ 85087 USA

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Do you speak a language other than English? We would love to include you in our "Practitioners who speak languages other than English" cross reference. It is FREE. Simply list the other languages you speak in the box below.

OTHER (fee-based):

You may be listed under another city/state or country if you wish. Cross reference listings are an additional $25/year each. Please indicate the city/state/country you wish to cross reference your listing.
Cross reference 1
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Additional geographical cross references? contact us

High School and College Student CROSS REFERENCE LISTING:
I would like to be listed on cross reference for high school and college-aged people. Listing here indicates your readiness to help high school and college-aged people. This cross reference costs $25/year.


Thanks so much. Please allow up to 72hours for your listing to be set up.
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