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Thank you for placing your Christian Science Practitioner listing with us.

You may make your payment by check or through our secure online credit card process center below.
All ads must be paid for in advance.

eMail us to set up an automatic monthly payment plan (starting at $6/mo for main listing)

To pay by credit card in full, click below or call 602-635-1987 to make payment over the phone:

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Christian Science Practitioner Listing on $69.00/year Main Listing
Additional Geographical Cross Reference listings ($25/each per year)
Cross Reference listing for High School and College-aged Christian Science students ($25 per year)

To pay by check:

Christian Science Practitioner Listing on $69.00 Main Listing
Additional Cross Reference listings ($25/each per year)

Make checks payable to Prayerful Living Publishing
and mail to: Prayerful Living Publishing, PO Box 2277, Lakeside, AZ 86929 USA

Outside the USA? Please pay by credit card or cheque (if cheque, please include $8 international currency exchange fee). is an independent web site owned and operated by students of the Bible and Christian Science who have taken the "Class Instruction" course in Christian Science. is produced by Prayerful Living Publishing and is a grass-roots organization and we welcome your involvement. Direct site questions to Publisher. ©2004-2016 Mark Mohlenbrock