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"...whatever blesses one blesses all," — Mary Baker Eddy

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Subscribe to the Weekly Bible Notes


Visit our web site: www.WeeklyBibleNotes.com

  • Now in our 38th year! The Illustrated Weekly Bible Notes is a compilation of biblical commentary and research offered for use in your weekly Bible study arranged alphabetically by Book of the Bible. The Weekly Bible Notes is an in-depth research tool emphasizing etymology, pronunciations, translations, and remarks from more than 100 different commentaries.

  • It is researched and prepared each week by Class taught Christian Scientists who are avid Bible students.

  • FULL SUBSCRIPTION: 52 weekly downloadable issues for $100.00. The e-subscription to the Weekly Bible Notes provides you with online access 5 editions and 2 subscriber-only supplements (see below). You may download and save the weekly issues on your computer, print them out, and/or read the issues on your screen.Click here to view a sample issue. Links to additional resources are included in the issues. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE or call us on 602-635-1987.wbn


    • Regular Edition – arranged alphabetically by book of the Bible for easy reference
    • Large Print Edition – same as Regular except larger print
    • Color-coded Edition – same as Regular except different elements are given different colors, ex. Bible text: red; Alternative translation text: orange; commentary: blue; pronunciations: green; illustrations and maps: purple
    • Daily Edition – a separate file for each part of the Lesson commentary. Download and study in “bite-sized” pieces.
    • Digest Edition – concise biblical background on the Bible verses of the Lesson
    • 2 free, subscriber-only supplements:
      • Composite Translations Document – each Bible verse offered from a selected modern translation or paraphrase
      • Selected Correlative Article References from the Christian Science Periodicals – full article references, links to JSH-Online (for complete articles) and a summary or snippet from articles which are correlative to the Bible stories, Bible characters or metaphysical themes in the Bible Lesson


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The Institute of Analytical Reading

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Illustrated Bible Notes

Institute of Analytical Reading

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