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  • $75/year
  • we accept Christian Science Nurse listings for both PART TIME and FULL TIME nurses who may or may not be Journal-listed [current TMC membership and Class-taught is required]. We also accept listing from Nurse's Aides.

Life Coach Listing Placement Form

Annual fee: $75

eMail us or call 602-635-1987

Use this online form to place your ad as a Life Coach. We are especially interested in listing Life Coaches with a Christian Science or metaphysical background. Once you have completed the form, you will be taken to a page where you may pay the $50/year fee online by credit card or you will be given the mailing address to pay by check.

All ads must be prepaid before they can run. [You will be taken to a payment page once this form is completed. Payment may be made by check or you may make a credit card payment thru our secure online PAYPAL processing link.]

Contact Information (for our use):

First and Last Name**

Company Name (if any)

eMail Address**

Re-enter eMail Address**

Submitter phone number with area code**

Submitter mailing address (for billing only)**

Special instructions/questions


Information which will appear in your listing:

How do you want your name to appear in the ad?**

Company name, if any:

Certifications, if any:

Address listed in ad including postal code (optional)


Telephone Number (including area code)

Mobile Phone Number (including area code)

Text messaging - (optional - no extra charge)

Fax number - optional (including area code)

eMail address (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - if you have not opted for a free address

Religious affiliation or religious background:

Web site - Do you have a personal web site for your practice? We're happy to list it. (optional - no extra charge)

Blog site - Do you have a personal blog site (what is a blog) for your practice? We're happy to list it. (optional - no extra charge)

Skype ID - (optional - no extra charge)
[what is Skype?] .

Introduction/ad text - You are allowed a 250 character (letters and spaces) introduction or ad text printed with your listing (optional)

Photo - you may eMail us a photo for your listing (optional - no extra charge) The photo will be displayed at 140 x 200 pixels. We can size and crop it for you here. If you need to mail us a photo, send it to Prayerful Living Publishing, PO Box 2277, Lakeside, AZ 85929

Yes, I will be eMailing/mailing a photo for inclusion in my listing.

** required fields


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