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  • $75/year
  • no photos or graphics
  • description 150 characters (letters and spaces)
  • full contact information (address, phones, email, web site, social media links)
  • listing may appear in any category listed below
  • listings appear after DELUXE and BASIC ads in category
  • does not have to be a CS-related company, product or service

Business Listing Placement Form


eMail us or call 602-635-1987

Your Business Lisitng will appear under the appropriate headings in The Blessing Pages Marketplace and will be arranged chronologically based on when it was received. Business Listings do NOT include photos or graphics.

DELUXE Display Ads and BASIC Display ads appear BEFORE Business Listings in the category.

All ads must be prepaid before they can run. [You will be taken to a payment page once this form is completed. Payment may be made by check or you may make a credit card payment thru our secure online PAYPAL processing link.]

Contact Information (for our use):

Company Name (if any)

First and Last Name of contact**

eMail Address of contact**

Re-enter eMail Address of contact**

Submitter phone number with area code**

Submitter mailing address (for billing only)**

Special instructions/questions

Choose the duration you wish to advertise:

Please choose one:**
12 Months $75.00

Information which will appear in your deluxe display ad:

Please choose a category (one):**
Assisted Living
Beauty, Jewelry & Apparel
Bed & Breakfast
Bible / Christian Science Study
Books / Publications

Business Opportunities
Camps for Christian Scientists
Christian Science Nurses & Nurse's Aides
Christian Science Nurses' Education
Christian Science Nursing - Facilities, Financial Assistance, Visiting Nurse Services
Education & Schools
Financial Services
For Children
Home Care
Music / Recordings
Professional Services
Readers' Coaches & Public Speaking
Real Estate
Residential Living
Rest & Study
Retirement Living
Seminars, Talks & Conferences
Sheltered Living
Travel & Vacationing
Vacation Rentals
Youth Activities

Name of company/business [limited to 50 characters]**

Description: You are allowed 150 characters (letters and spaces)**

Contact information: you may wish to include things such as name of organization, contact name, mailing address, eMail address, phone, fax, web site link, social media links**

** required fields


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