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discussion board eNewsletter features links the marketplace news resources search / site map support the site visitors: Download Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in audio-book format for as little as $7.49*.

Any Audible audio book for under $10

* Offer valid for first time users. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING. This is the "Trade Edition" in audio format.

Regular price $68.25 (26 hrs 55 min) — may be purchased for only $7.49 by first time users. If you have already purchased from this offer will not be available to you. After purchase, the audio-book may be listened to from the web site or downloaded to your own computer (or PDA including iPod) where you can listen or burn the audio-book to CD. Available for Windows users and Mac users using OSX.

NOT AVAILABLE TO MAC USERS USING OS9 or earlier. If you are using DIALUP, be aware that these are LARGE files and may take a long time to download.


1) Click on the banner above.

2) In the "search" box, type in "Mary Baker Eddy", and hit "send". A results page will be displayed showing a link to "Science and Health (unabridged)". Click on the link to Science and Health.

3) The "Science and Health" product page will be displayed. You may read about the book, hear a sample of the audio file and read reviews by listeners. If you would like to purchase Science and Health in audio format, click the "add to cart" button.

4) You will be taken through a signup page to set up an user account (NOTE: there is a free Account option - you do not have to join to purchase the book). You with then be able to check out and make your purchase online. NOTE: the price will display at the retail price of $68.25 until you are in the checkout mode. Then the "first time user" discount will be applied and you will be charged the $7.49 special price.

5) Once you have purchased the title, you can go to the "My Library" page where your purchase will be displayed. Science and Health will be displayed in 4 parts and each part may be downloaded in 4 different sized files. If you have a slower internet connection, you will want to select the smaller sized files to download. The larger files are much better quality and make a much better recording when burning to CD - but they are large files and may take a LONG TIME to download if you have a slower internet connection. The smaller files are easily suitable for enjoying listening from your computer.

6) Listen direct from your "My Library" page on or download the files to your computer and then listen or burn to a CD.

a) If you are listening directly from, you may click on the "Listen" button for each part of the book and listen through Windows Media Player.

b) If you are downloading the files to your computer, you will first need to click on the "Having Problems Downloading?" link at the top of the page. You will then be lead to the downloads page where you should download the AudibleManager software.

c) Once you have downloaded the AudilbeManager program, you may select one of the 4 parts to download, select a file size and download it to your computer. NOTE: if you have a firewall or use anti-virus software, you MAY need to disable it long enough to download the files.

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