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a at, cat, mat, snap
ä art, father
ah father, bother
ahr lard, yard
ai air, care, fair, prayer, there
aw jaw, saw, all, caught
ay [long "a"] day, pay, obey, weigh
e, eh bed, pet, peck
ee [long "e"] beat, easy, seem
er error
i [long "i"] tie, sky, side, buy, eye
i, ih it, tip, active
ihr ear, fear
o cot, hot, not
oh [long "o"] bone, go, know, toe
oi boy, destroy
oo boot, rule, youth
oor poor
or for, glory
ou how, loud, now, out
u book, foot, put, pull, wood
uh [schwa] ago, alone, banana,
uhr bird, further, her

Selected Pronunciation for your weekly Bible study
A resource of CSDirectory.com - compiled by Mark Mohlenbrock
This resource is designed to be a help to Readers in Christian Science churches and anyone else reading the Bible and/or Science and Health audibly.
NOTE: click on the icon to hear the audible pronuciation of the selected word."Reference" will provide you with additional information including pronunciation guide.

For week of June 8 - 14, 2015

[Entries are listed alphabetically]

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