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From John London: My project was to write a song a week inspired by the Christian Science Bible Lessons.

I’ve created audio files for each song, and a “lead sheet” (melody and chords) available in pdf format as well if you’d like to learn or play the songs yourself.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Lesson Songs
Composed and performed by PrayerfulLiving.com contributor, John London - song list compiled by Mark Mohlenbrock

Soul and Body: May 18 - 24


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

The Definition of Temple

SH 595:7–9 mp3 pdf

Soul Is the Substance, Life, and Intelligence of Man

SH 477:22 mp3 pdf

Matter or Body

SH 177:10 mp3 pdf

Science Reveals Spirit, Soul

SH 467:17-22 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

God Expresses in Man

SH 258:13-15 mp3 pdf

Hold Thought Steadfastly

SH 261:4 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

One’s Aim, A Point Beyond Faith

SH 241:23 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

Knowing that Soul and Its Attributes

SH 210:11–16 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

Rightly Understood

SH 280:25-30 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

For the Mountains Shall Depart

Isaiah 54:10 mp3 pdf

Life Is the Law of Soul

SH 427:2-7 mp3 pdf


SH 306:25 mp3 pdf
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