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Bible Lesson Songs
Composed and performed by CSDirectory.com contributor, John London - song list compiled by Mark Mohlenbrock

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From John London: My project was to write a song a week inspired by the Christian Science Bible Lessons.

I’ve created audio files for each song, and a “lead sheet” (melody and chords) available in pdf format as well if you’d like to learn or play the songs yourself.

God the Preserver of Man: December 10 - 16, 2018


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

For As Many As Are Led

Romans 8:14-16 mp3 pdf

To Those Leaning

SH vii:1-2 mp3 pdf

God, the Divine Principle of Man

SH 336:25–28 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

Divine Love Always Has Met Every Human Need

SH 494:10 mp3 pdf

The Rich in Spirit Help the Poor

SH 518:15-19 mp3 pdf

We Cannot Deny that Life is Self-Sustained

SH 390:4-9 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

It Is the Living Christ

SH 31:14 mp3 pdf

Jesus Never Asked

SH 369:16 mp3 pdf


Title Citation Audio (mp3) Sheet Music (pdf)

Guardians in the Gloom

SH 174:9-14 mp3 pdf
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