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A Benediction Suggestion for this week's Lesson
by Mark Mohlenbrock

Reality: September 19 - 25, 2016

…blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

                              — Luke 11:28 blessed  (English Revised Version)


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Some thoughts on benedictions:

Benediction —

"an expression or utterance of blessing or good wishes" Webster Unabridged.

"the short blessing pronounced by a clergyman with which public worship is concluded." Webster Unabridged

The benediction is not an admonition, nor a rehearsal of good, nor a reminder. It is — plain and simple — a blessing. "And God Almighty bless thee."

The benediction is the "sailing away" message. The boat is leaving the dock. The message of the Lesson and the admonition of both the Scientific Statement of Being and I John 3: 1-3 have been properly made. As the ship leaves it is a very short message that will be remembered. So the benediction should usually be short like, "Sail safely".

While it is traditional and quite to the point of God speaking, Christian Science benedictions do not have to come from the Bible. There is no such requirement in the Church Manual. Mrs. Eddy gave her own benedictions. One is found on in Miscellany [My 295: 21]. It is fitting, however, to conclude the service with God's word.

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