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Reading Room Poster Art (free downloads)
Artwork for NINE POSTERS are currently available. Thumbnail images are below. NOTE: the photography is copyrighted by David G. Foote and may be used only in this format (without special permission). The text has also be OK'd for use in this format. Check back for additional designs.
PODF010 - CHRIST-MAS 30 x 8
PODF001 - You are God's Purpose 34 x 11
PODF002PODF002 - Grace to go forward 28.4 x 16
PODF003 - Divine Love 22.5 x 22.5

PODF004 - Singing 23.7 x 23.7
PODF005PODF005 - Peace of Christ 23.5 x 11
PODF006 - Sense to Soul 30 x 21
PODF007 - Hymn 445 26 x 16.2
PODF008 - Forever coming of Christ 30 x 17
PODF009 - Happiness 24 x 20.2
Christian Scientist, photographer and career ad man, David G. Foote has independently produced these beautiful poster art files suitable for Christian Science Reading Room windows. Marrying his photographic images with inspiring text, these posters are designed to attract the attention of those passing your Reading Room windows.

To access these free, hi resolution PDF files for printing, please complete the REQUEST FORM below. You will then be taken to a downloads page.

Once you have downloaded the files, you may email them to your neighborhood copy shop (like FedEx Office, Staples or AlphaGraphics) where they can enlarge them to the size you wish and make them into posters or banners for Reading Room displays. The sizes indicated are suggested sizes. You will have to get a printing quote from your copy shop.


Your First and Last Name: (required)

eMail address: (required)

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Name of Branch Church or Society which will be using this poster artwork: (required)
(example: First Church, Tempe, Arizona)


You will be taken directly to the downloads page.

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