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Retirement Living
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Mankowski Homes - Southern California
Seeks to reward the incomparable service of C.S. Practitioners and Nurses


We’re located in Southern California in the foothills of the
San Gabriel Mountains near cultural and educational activities.

Qualifications include:
Journal-listing of 10 years or longer and age 55+
The desire to retire or semi-retire
The ability to live independently and in harmony with others
A desire to remain active in church membership
A monthly income from all assets of under $3,500. / month

Residents enjoy rental rates of under $250 that include utilities and cleaning

Please call us at 800-962-6298 or E-mail us at
For more information, see our Website at

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Daystar Retirement Village - Seattle, Washington



Come live in a community where your neighbors are your friends. Dine, garden, share and grow with fellow Christian Scientists. You'll enjoy maintenance-free living in our spacious studio, 1-or 2-bedroom apartments, with easy access to church, lectures and other rewarding activities.

The emphasis is on the forever development of God's man at Daystar. We value your individuality and your independence, and we cherish your desire to lead a full, productive and progressive life.

At Daystar, you can have your own home without having to be alone. For more information, please visit our website:
2615 SW Barton St
Seattle, Washington, 98126


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Cooper Pattinson's Trust Homes

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Mankowski Homes - Asuza, CA

Daystar Retirement Village - Seattle, WA

Independent Living in the Lake District - Copper Pattinson's Trust Homes - Windermere, UK

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