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Marketplace: The Blessing Pages
"...whatever blesses one blesses all," — Mary Baker Eddy

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Organization of Residential Homes (ORH)
ORH logo

Organization of Residential Homes
Serving Christian Scientists Since 1973

Interested in living in a community with
Christian Scientists who share common interests?

Let us help you find a place that you can truly call home!

ORH map              1-800-781-4660

ORH is not an accrediting organization.
Membership does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation from ORH.

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"I just love my new home!"
Wouldn't you like to have plenty of time to do just that?
Lynn House

The Residences at Lynn House has just the atmosphere you are seeking: serene, beautiful, homey and filled with joy.

Lynn House

Our residential community might be just right for you!  For a modest yet competitive monthly rent, (lower than our assisted living rate) you can enjoy your own private room and bath, with few interruptions to your day from staff: because you are independent.  We encourage you to establish your own routine and enjoy the lovely spiritual atmosphere we have to offer. All of your meals are included, as well as housekeeping, laundry, activities, social and spiritual nourishment, and the sheltering atmosphere of our beautiful building. We are expectant that just the right individual will be led to this peaceful setting. Please feel free to call with your questions, set up a tour and enjoy lunch as our guest. We are part of Lynn House of Potomac Valley and are located in suburban Washington DC.

Lynnhouse Please call Lynne Darnell, Assisted Living Facility Administrator at 1-800-283-4325 or 703-379-6000 E-mail: or visit us online at
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Arden Wood - San Francisco, CA
Arden Wood Independent Living
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Ads in this category:

Organization of Residential Homes

Residences at Lynn House - Arlington, Virginia

Arden Wood - San Francisco, CA - Independent Living at Its Best

Tenacre - Princeton, NJ - Independent Living

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