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Giving away:

Rodgers Organ and organ music

We are closing and would love to find a home for our organ ASAP. Also have bound volumes, CD set of Christian Science Hymnal, S&H on audio cassettes, and much more. Please tell me what you need and I will see if we have it. Now thru the end of August, so hurry!

contact info: You can also text me at 714-655-8534

Giving away:

Set of Bound Volumes

Full set of bound Journal and Sentinels.

contact info: Amy Thomas, Clearview Home 262-646-3361 (for messages, ext. 0300) or email me at:

Looking for:

Volunteers for Prayerful Work for West LA Program

Support a once a week prayerful work for local Houseless (homeless) poeple in West Los Angeles headed by Christian Scientist. So much needed, time, computer work, finance, food donations, u name it. This Listing's motto is true, and vice versa! So join, bless n be blessed!

contact info:

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