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Power of God to HealThe Power of God to Heal:
All the Healings in the Bible
to Help You Heal Yourself and Others

by George Frederick Garland

This book collects all accounts in the Old and New Testaments (KJV)
of overcoming adverse mental and physical conditions. Subtitles
highlight the insights that may have brought about the healing.
Included also are inspirational non-narrative passages and prayers.
The book is easy to read and nondenominational. Give it to a friend
in need to introduce the concept of spiritual healing. Or use it in
your role as lay reader or Sunday School teacher.

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$13.99 paperback or $1.99 ebook.

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"Christian Science: Its Encounter with Lesbian/Gay America"
by Bruce Stores

Price: $27.90 Hardback
$19.11 Paperback
$3.49 Nook Book
Pages: 274
ISBN: 0-595-32620-X
Published: Sep-2004

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Author Bruce Stores has shed light on a hitherto unknown chapter in the annals of Christian Science. This is the story of lesbian/gay believers. Herein is their pursuit for respect and dignity in the Church of Christ, Scientist. The narrative traces stormy encounters from the days of near total rejection up to the friendlier atmosphere in the 21st century. This is a story of perseverance, hope, and especially healing.

"Ultimately, Stores’ narrative coalesces into a fair-minded look at the evolution of Christian Science’s stance on gay rights, the responses of its leadership and followers, and the hope for change. A meticulously researched educational tool, particularly for readers with a casual interest in Christian Science and LGBT issues." — Kirkus Review

"Bruce Stores has done a superb job of pulling this story together, ferreting out little known aspects of it and placing it all in the context of America's unfolding political and religious life. What comes through. . . is that in spite of all the homophobia, church politics, hopes dashed and partially re-assembled, Christian Science still blazes bright for those who want it." — White Crane Journal

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Subject Guide to Bible Stories, by George Frederick Garland

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This favorite book of First Readers helps them compose readings for Wednesday testimony meetings. Subjects such as guidance or supply are arranged in alphabetical order. Under each is a list of many stories (with exact citations) that nicely illustrate that subject. A time-saver

$35 for hardback including shipping.

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