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Classes / seminar descriptions:

The Nativity
with Genelle Austin-Lett

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Duration / tuition:1 session long, lasting about 60 minutes.
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LCGA001 - The Nativity
By Genelle Austin-Lett
Enrollment: attend live + audio replay mp3 file or if you can't attend live you will receive the audio replay $20

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This seminar explores the reason for the Nativity stories. We'll discuss Matthew's account and Luke's account — why there are two different stories and not just one. We'll look at symbols of the evening of Jesus birth that carry into Jesus' life. And we'll also discuss John's account of the Nativity.

Your instructor:

mark mohlenbrock

Genelle Austin-Lett is a Christian Scientist and the founder and director of BibleWise.com which provides wonderful resources for better understanding the Bible. BibleWise.com has especially rich offerings for children and teens, as well as for the adults who work with them. Genelle has decades of experience teaching youth, and has been a professor at California State University, San Jose, where she directed the speech and debate team. Genelle also gives Bible-related talks for Bible Study Seminars at Aslilomar, Higher Ground and other venues. She has also contributed to the Christian Science periodicals.

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