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Classes / seminar descriptions:

"The Messiah Workshop: A Spiritual Journey based on the Oratorio from Handel's Messiah"
(6 part seminar series) with Trevor Leach CS

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (through Dec 31, 2018) Purchase the 6 part series and save $40 see below.

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Duration / tuition:6 sessions long, each lasting about 90 minutes.
Reg. $120 for all 6 sessions SPECIAL PRICE $80 (save $40)
or individually $20/session

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individually $16/session
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LCTL010 - The Messiah Workshop Part 1 By Trevor Leach CS
Audio replay mp3 file $20 / session

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VIP PASS PLUS members:
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individually $16/session
Audio replay available
LCTL01015 -The Messiah Workshop Parts 1-6 SPECIAL By Trevor Leach CS
Audio replay mp3 files Reg. $120 for all 6 sessions
SPECIAL PRICE $80 (save $40)

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VIP PASS PLUS members:
Click here to save 20%
Reg. $120 for all 6 sessions SPECIAL PRICE $64 (save $56)


Part 1 Prepare you the way of the Lord
Put off the old man - Eph 4:22 - Comfort ye, comfort ye my people ( Recitative accompagnato) - In this workshop we search for ways to enable the Christ in us to surface by purging, purifying, refining, eliminating all fear and anxiety. That we may fill God's house with glory and be comforted and a comforter.
Part 2 Let the Christ be conceived in you
Put on the new man in righteousness - Eph 4:24 - And the angel said unto them (Recitativo) - In this workshop we are inspired to have a spiritual elevation to let spiritual ideas fashion us anew; to be spiritual seers and dwell within the revelation; to bear witness only to good.
Part 3 The Lord God dwells among us
 Grow up into Christ in all things - Eph 4:15 - Thou art gone up on high; Thou hast led captivity captive (Aria) - In this workshop we look at the power of Christ consciousness - The importance of knowing that only the Truth reigneth; Discerning how the light of Truth dispels all darkness; Letting the Christ abide in you; Bringing redemption and comfort.
Part 4 The kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of his Christ
Don't give the devil a foothold - Eph 4:27 - Hallelujah! for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth (Chorus) - In this workshop we look at how the Christ reigns and casts out evil ; Shuts the door on all the commotion; Stops the procession; Completely destroys the counterfeit.
Part 5 For now is Christ Risen
Be renewed in the spirit of your mind - Eph 4:23 - I know that my redeemer liveth ( Aria) - In this workshop we look at how we put on immortality; How we are Masters of our own house; How we demonstrate our Christliness; How God gives us the complete victory.
Part 6 We discern the unreality of any power opposed to God
Measure up to the full stature of Christ - Eph 4:13 - If God be for us, who can be against us? (Aria) - In this workshop we look at how Christ can be our advocate; How we can see the perfect man as the fullness of Christ; How we can be filled up full with Christ.

Your speaker:

mark mohlenbrock

Trevor Leach started his career as a Chartered Accountant.  Subsequently he became a business and tax consultant.  In 1995, Trevor started the Mustard Seed Events in Scotland and since that time has run hundreds of Mustard Seed Bible Workshops in the British Isles, USA and Nigeria. Trevor has been involved in a number of inter faith ecumenical prayer groups in the Isle of Man over the last fifteen years.  He always loved attending the Christian Science Sunday School in Buxton, Derbyshire, England and for many years has been a keen Bible student and avid reader of religious books.   He has been Sunday School Superintendent, First and Second Reader, President and Chairman of the Board at his Christian Science branch church in Douglas, Isle of Man and C.O.P. of the Isle of Man.  He has produced videos and run workshops for The World Healing Crusade in the UK. He began lecturing when he was 18 – mainly in connection with his “day job” in the Accountancy field and is now involved in Missionary work in Africa.

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