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Peter Whatley [Bio]
Light To The World
CD included in our Classics Airplay.


  • Light to the World is Given
  • Saul... The Acts
  • Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee
  • Be Glad in Heart
  • Ruth... The Book of Ruth
  • Lead Me, Lord
  • Now Are We The Sons of God
  • David and Goliath... 1 Samuel
  • Sanctuary
  • Shine in Our Hearts
  • Prodigal Son... Book of Luke
  • Love Not the World
  • In Thee O Spirit
  • A Hymn of Gratitude
  • Parables of Sower and Tears & Wheat... Matthew
  • Let Not The Wise Man Glory in His Wisdom
  • Acquaint Now Thyself With Him
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