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Hear an interview with Susan Mack, one of the founding members of The Solo Committee from our October 2, 2004 "First Saturdays" broadcast
[18 min. interview, 7.2MB file]


The Solo Committee started as a modest, but heartfelt sharing of original
folk hymns for guitar and voice. It has grown to include harmonizing voices
and other instruments but has not lost that pure sound that focuses on the
healing and comforting message of God's love for man. As one customer put it:

"Your music has already twice supported healing in our family and I'm sure will support healing for years and decades to come. I'm especially grateful for:

  • Really sweet blending of voices; you singers were made to sing together!
  • Writing and poetry that makes the Bible feel fresh again.
  • Strong clear convinced lead.
  • Uncompressed mixing that makes everything feel fresh and dynamic; the softs are really soft, yet crystal clear.
  • Guitar breaks and recorder interludes.

I can't tell you my favorite cut, 'cause it changes at least 4 times, each time I listen. This is the real deal, or a sweet sure reflection of reality." — RTB


Three college friends, Susan Booth Mack, Carey Loomis and Sue Dean Loomis were music majors together. Susan and Sue were roommates. Carey and Sue got married after college. They kept in touch and raised kids together and eventually shared in the activities of the same Christian Science Society.

Susan got an idea for writing solos for guitar and voice. The church
members loved it and asked for a recording. "Sweet Sacred Solos" was
recorded by Susan as a gift to the members, but lots of folks started to
hear it and ask for a copy. Meanwhile Carey took over the guitar work, Sue
added recorder interludes, and Carey, Sue and their daughter Lizze brought wonderful harmonies to Susan's clear lead voice. "Grateful Hearts
Unbounded", "Peace Be Still" were soon recorded and finally "3 Steps and a Bounce", a special group of Christian Hymns for kids, was completed. In
fact, all of the Solo Committee's music has one and only one purpose, to
bring Love's message of healing and comfort to all of its listeners.

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