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Sunrise of Africa School
Nairobi, Kenya

Watch this 7 minute video about a Christian Science primary school in Kenya. Produced by Barbara Hurwick and James Cavenaugh.

Sunrise of Africa II (June 2008) from james Cavenaugh on Vimeo.

[reprinted partially from Daycroft School Foundation newsletter, used by permission]

In January 2004, Sunrise of Africa School opened its nursery school with 6 children. Today, only 18 months later, there are over 30 children attending! All the children attend the Christian Science Sunday School and many parents, too, attend services at the Christian Science Society, which was formed on the school premises in western Nairobi.
Sunrise began with three different nursery groups and added Class One in January. In order to accommodate all the children who want to attend, the school has purchased 5 acres of land on the outskirts of Nairobi and plans to design and build its own facility. The teachers and supporters of the school all realize that it is Christian Science that is making the difference in their students’ lives and in the community. As one teacher said, “Our progress in Christian Science has really changed things. It is really building our lives.”

From the Sunrise of Africa School web site:

  • The Board of Sunrise of Africa School prays to know that our Christian Science School is a complete idea in Mind.
  • We have been praying and working conscientiously to find the right premises for the School in an area which is cosmopolitan, open to all Kenyans.
  • WAITHAKA. In January 2004, at the commencement of our School to the present time, we have been renting premises in Waithaka (pictures of which are on this website). Waithaka, a Nairobi suburb, is mainly a Kikuyu area, although other tribes live there. Kenya is still fairly tribal.
  • As Christian Science was new to the area, we advertised the School, as offering good education, based on Christian principles. From the application forms, showing the religions of the parents, and interviews with the parents, we were able to discern which were/are the appropriate applicants. We then started a Christian Science Society and Sunday School on the premises and we invited all parents and children to attend. Our Nursery School now has over 30 children. All of them, together with brothers and sisters, attend our overflowing Christian Science Sunday School, numbering approx 50 children. Many of the parents now attend our Christian Science Society, numbering often 30 attendants. This is after about 17 months from inception!!
  • Our Christian Science Society and Sunday School are firmly established in Waithaka, and will continue, even when we move our School from this area to our new site.
  • We will follow the policy as used in our current Sunrise of Africa Nursery school, Christian Science Society, and Sunday School, in Waithaka. Christian Science was little known in that area. And now C.S. is thriving there, with much growth potential. We will do the same in Kitengele. We will start a Christian Science Society and start Church services and a Sunday School. By the time, we have built some class rooms and are ready to start our new Sunrise of Africa School in the area, people will know of Christian Science. Gradually Christian Science will become established in the area.



Sunrise of Africa School
P.O. BOX 7478-00100

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