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THE QUEENS AND KINGS SCHOOL [click here for main page]
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Spring 2012 update

Editor's note: Although not a "Christian Science school" The Queens and Kings School in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, operates on the principles and values found in Christian Science, and is run by Christian Scientists. I thought you'd find this account interesting and inspiring. MM

Dear Friends

The Queens and Kings School, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

We have not written to you with an update on The Queens and Kings School for many months now, so we are grateful for this opportunity to be in touch with you. We have some good news as the School has received a significant donation from a church in the U.K. which has enabled it to re-commence work on finishing the Boarding Department and the provision for teachers’ accommodation.

We are pleased to be able to report that the major drainage work on the road leading to the School by N.D.D.C. (Niger Delta Development Commission) and we are hopeful that their work to finalise the road surfacing will re-commence this week.

We are enclosing a sheet of photographs showing current progress:

Photo one The Entrance to the School
Photo two The School drive, main school building and the school bus
Photo three The School frontage
Photo four Work in progress on the Teachers’ accommodation
Photo five School gate (needed for security)
Photo six A typical classroom showing the white board
Photo seven An internal walkway with the Nursery classrooms on the left and the primary classrooms on the right
Photo eight School drive leading to the school gate and showing the School plants

We wish to thank everyone for their one-off and regular contributions to the School without which it would not have been possible to continue, as we have had large increases in Oil prices and Transport costs and Nigeria has gone through a tough time with terrorism and violence. Your loving prayers are very much needed, so please continue in your sterling work.

The School is continuing with its Character Education Policy and we are enclosing a schedule of spiritual qualities which are studied and lived each month by the children, their parents, and the teachers.

We also have good news in that three of our families who had taken away their children from the school to take advantage of free government education, have returned their children to the School in order to provide for them the better quality education they receive at The Queens and Kings School and for the spiritual and moral direction the children benefit from with us. The parents felt these things were lacking in the government school.

Please note the new address for correspondence and contributions at the right side of this page.

God bless you all.

With love from

Ros and Trevor Leach


The Queens and Kings School

Port Harcourt
Rivers State
Run by E.F.L.  Education a Foundation for Life

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