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eMail Discussion Groups hosted by prayerfulliving.com

Prayerful Living Bible Study

Click here to join the Prayerful Living Bible Study email group

PrayerfulLiving.com's eMail-based, worldwide Bible Study Discussion Group. This group discusses the Bible in relation to the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson as we work to live more prayerful lives. Share inspiration, ask questions. We're all getting to know our Bibles and Science and Health much better.
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Prayerful Living Reading Group

Click here to join the Prayerful Living Reading email group

CURRENT READING PROJECT: Our current project is reading "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mary Baker Eddy

The Prayerful Living Reading Group is an email discussion group for anyone interested in metaphysics as taught in Christian Science. Members are from around the world. The purpose of the group is to provide weekly reading assignments enabling group members to read through various metaphysical books. Group members are then invited to ask questions, share inspiration and other information from their reading.
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Click here to join the CSList email group

CSList is one of the original Christian Science related listservs. It is an email discussion group for anyone interested in topics related to Christian Science. Members are from around the world.

Group history: CSList can trace its roots back to 1995 and grew from a BBS (bulletin board system) called "spiritnet" originally set up by the Clerk's office of The Mother Church in the early 1990's. When the BBS project was disbanded many of the members joined together to form this independent "listserv" called CSList. The CSList moved to PrayerfulLiving.com in 2009.
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How these groups work: A member of the group will send a message on a topic related to the reading assignment to a special eMail address dedicated to the group. All of the members of the group will then be sent that email by the listserv software. If you then wish to reply you do so, and all of the members of the group will receive your reply by eMail, and so forth.

A comment from a discussion group member...
"I am so thankful for each of you who contribute to this list.  ... I have found that the lesson sermon has opened up for me, and I am taking away more and more each week.  For me, this list is demonstration that God is with me always, leading, guiding, supporting and teaching."


  • Practice the Golden Rule and "A rule for motives and acts"
  • Please stay on topic, or start a new one.
  • No 1-to-1 discussions. email privately if necessary.
  • Please change the subject heading when changing subjects.
  • If you are mailed by an administrator please reply

Hosted by PrayerfulLiving.com
These discussion groups are not an activity of the Christian Science Church and are run on the Yahoo!Groups platform by PrayerfulLiving.com. They are a non-judgmental place to ask questions and share ideas. These groups are not a place to discuss church politics.

Ciencia Cristiana

Click here to join the Ciencia Cristiana email group (Spanish)

Estudios Bíblicos de la Christian Science (Ciencia Cristiana) en Yahoo! Grupos, un servicio gratis y fácil de usar alrededor del mundo por correo electrónico.

Los invitamos a participar en un grupo de discusión por correo electrónico. Solamente los miembros que se registran pueden participar en este grupo de discusión. Cuando usted envía un correo electrónico al grupo su mensaje va a ser leído por todo el grupo. De la misma forma su respuesta también va a todo el grupo a menos que usted decida mandar correo privado. La línea del sujeto mantiene el tema.

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