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Discussion Board

Prayerful Living Discussion Board

Join our online community of prayerful people. Share ideas and ask questions. Post inspiration about prayer, metaphysics, Bible study, Christian Science. Click here»

eMail Discussion Groups

eMail Discussion Groups hosted by PrayerfulLiving.com:

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  • xPrayerful Living Bible Study group — discuss the Bible in relation to the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson as we work to live more prayerful lives.
    Group webpage | Message archive

  • xPrayerful Living Reading Group — for anyone interested in metaphysics as taught in Christian Science. The group provides weekly reading assignments enabling group members to read through various metaphysical books and discuss. (Our current project is reading excerpts from "The Collected Writings of Bicknell Young."
    Group webpage | Message archive

  • CSList — one of the original Christian Science related listservs. It is an email discussion group for anyone interested in topics related to Christian Science.
    Group webpage | Message archive

  • xCienciaCristiana — PrayerfulLiving.com's Yahoo! group for Spanish speaking students of Christian Science.
    Group webpage | Message archive


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Need help through prayer?


Trained practitioners of Christian healing* listed on this website are ready to help you bring healing through prayer — now!
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* listed practitioners have been Class instructed in Christian Science

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Worldwide Prayer Team:

Minute Men & Women Prayer Team

Join our Prayer Team who are collectively praying around-the-clock on world and local issues. Click here for more information and to join the volunteer team»


Weekly Prayer and Gratitude meeting:

Wednesday Gathering

Prayerful Gathering
Join us each Wednesday for our LIVE, interactive prayer & gratitude meeting at 1 PM Eastern time
(10 AM Pacific, 1800 GMT)

Attend by phone or on the internet via FLASH PHONE from anywhere in the world.

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