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BIble Study Tools

SS Teacher's Cookbook

Online articles, ideas and secrets for successful Sunday School classes, shared by the teachers themselves in a "country cookbook" style where everyone contributes their best "recipes". Collect each recipe and build your own cookbook. New articles are added each week. (VIP PASS membership required for total access.)

VIP PASS resourceCategories:
Saying Grace
Preparing thought for your class
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Short bullet points and one-liners to get the ball rolling (brief introductions to metaphysical ideas and biblical topics, etc.)
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Fresh, light and inspiring articles and ideas to energize your students.
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"Meat and potatoes" metaphysics and major articles to explore spiritual concepts in greater depth.
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Sweets and treats, light articles and poetry that put the icing on the cake, including fruitage
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The Bible study resources posted on PrayerfulLiving.com are offered for your weekly Bible study and may be used in conjunction with your own personal inspiration, study and exploration.

We welcome your feedback and contributions to share with others. Submit your article, idea or secret recipe for success. Tell us what works in your class! Email us at SSCookbook@prayerfulliving.com

Each teacher will know what works best for their class and their individual students. The ideas and concepts presented here are simply tools to be modified for your use with any age group. Longer articles or those dealing with more absolute metaphysics might be broken down to meet the needs of your class. Individual articles may include Hints (or Author’s Hints) to help set the expectation level.

Coordinator: D. Michael Day
Mike Day is a third-generation Christian Scientist. After graduating from Sunday school at the age of 20 he attended the regular church service following Sunday and immediately returned to Sunday school as a teacher. Understanding the value of an interactive forum he appreciates and treasures the opportunity teachers and students have to share ideas as equals learning from each other.

His related activities include serving as a Christian Science representative in NaTrang, Vietnam (’70-‘71), Adventure Unlimited Chapter Advisor and Young Adults group (’72-‘79), participated in multiple youth events sponsored by TMC, a member of the Church Alive Summit - Orlando planning committee and has taught Sunday school classes for junior high school and high school age students. Over the past 10 years Mike has written a series of articles for Sunday school students of all ages, many of which will appear here in abbreviated form.

During his career with IBM he worked as a marketing motivational speaker and is bringing that experience forward to help Sunday school teachers and their students find common grounds for mutual growth, discussion and demonstration.

PrayerfulLiving.com is an independent web site owned and operated by students of the Bible and Christian Science who have taken the "Class Instruction" course in Christian Science. PrayerfulLiving.com is produced by Prayerful Living Publishing and is a grass-roots organization and we welcome your involvement. Direct site questions to Publisher. ©2004-2013 Mark Mohlenbrock