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  • $150/year
  • we can design your ad for free
  • includes headline of up to 50 characters (incl. spaces), body copy of up to 300 characters (incl. spaces)
  • contact info (phone, address, eMail, web link, social media links)
  • one logo or photo
  • maximum ad size: 545 pixels wide by 300 pixels high
  • BASIC Display Ads appear AFTER DELUXE Ads in the Category
  • we never charge for changes or edits to your ad
  • does not have to be a CS-related company, product or service

BASIC Display Ad Placement Form


eMail us or call 602-635-1987

Your display ad will appear under the appropriate headings in The Blessing Pages Marketplace and will be arranged chronologically based on when it was received. You may have 1 image (.jpgs) in your ad.

DELUXE Display Ads appear BEFORE BASIC Ads in the category.

All ads must be prepaid before they can run. [You will be taken to a payment page once this form is completed. Payment may be made by check or you may make a credit card payment thru our secure online PAYPAL processing link.]

Contact Information (for our use):

Company Name (if any)

First and Last Name of contact**

eMail Address of contact**

Re-enter eMail Address of contact**

Submitter phone number with area code**

Submitter mailing address (for billing only)**

Special instructions/questions

Choose the duration you wish to advertise:

Please choose one:**

Information which will appear in your deluxe display ad:

Please choose a category (one):**
Assisted Living
Beauty, Jewelry & Apparel
Bed & Breakfast
Bible / Christian Science Study
Books / Publications

Business Opportunities
Camps for Christian Scientists
Christian Science Nurses & Nurse's Aides
Christian Science Nurses' Education
Christian Science Nursing - Facilities, Financial Assistance, Visiting Nurse Services
Education & Schools
Financial Services
For Children
Home Care
Music / Recordings
Professional Services
Readers' Coaches & Public Speaking
Real Estate
Residential Living
Rest & Study
Retirement Living
Seminars, Talks & Conferences
Sheltered Living
Travel & Vacationing
Vacation Rentals
Youth Activities

Headline [limited to 50 characters including spaces]**

Description: You are allowed 300 characters including spaces**

Contact information: you may wish to include things such as name of organization, contact name, mailing address, eMail address, phone, fax, web site link, social media links**

Note: ONE .jpg photo (or graphic) may appear in your display ad. We cn size and crop the image here. Please eMail photo to

** required fields


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